Listing Pitchers in Baseball Betting: What Is It and Should You Do It?

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As summer approaches, the attention of many sports bettors shifts to Major League Baseball (MLB). If you’re new to baseball betting or transitioning from other sports, you might notice the term “listing” when it comes to pitchers, and this can be quite confusing.

So, what does it mean to list a pitcher in your bet, and how can this give you an edge when examining baseball lines? Let’s dive in and explore this essential aspect of baseball betting.

Listing Pitchers/Action: What Does It Mean?

Listing pitchers in baseball betting is a crucial strategy to protect yourself from late pitching changes that can drastically affect the bet’s outcome. Essentially, when you list pitchers, your bet is only valid if the pitchers you specified start the game.

This tactic helps you avoid placing wagers based on expected pitching matchups that could change at the last minute. Starting pitchers have a major impact on the game’s outcome and influence the betting lines significantly. If a team’s ace gets scratched and a less experienced pitcher takes over, the betting odds can shift dramatically.

On the other hand, choosing “action” means your bet stands regardless of any last-minute pitching changes. Hence, listing pitchers allows you to have more control and reduces the risk of unexpected changes ruining your bet.

When Should You Bet With Listing Pitchers?

Most of the time, you should bet with listing pitchers to minimize unnecessary risks. By doing so, you protect yourself from unpredictable last-minute changes that could drastically affect the game’s outcome.

Since you’re often handicapping games based largely on the starting pitchers’ abilities, listing them in your bet ensures you get the matchups you anticipated. This is especially vital when backing high-caliber pitchers like Corbin Burnes, whose absence could significantly impact the game.

Meanwhile, if a lower-tier pitcher gets scratched, the effect might be negligible. Ultimately, listing pitchers provides consistency and reduces unwanted variance in your bets.

When Should You Bet With Action?

In some scenarios, betting with action can actually be advantageous. If you’re wagering against a weaker pitcher, a late change might not hurt your bet at all and can sometimes be beneficial. For instance, if a team decides to do a bullpen day, these outings often produce better innings than a lower-tier starter might. Teams like the Tampa Bay Rays are known for using “bulk” relievers after an opener, meaning the main pitcher might not start but still plays a significant part. This strategy could render your bet void without good reason if you listed pitchers.

Additionally, if a pitcher has a nagging injury or there’s uncertainty about whether an ace will start, opting for action can protect your bet. A prime example occurred in early 2022 when the Cleveland Guardians’ ace, Shane Bieber, was expected to start but got replaced, leading savvy bettors to secure better odds against the substitute pitcher.

Considering MLB game pitcher props during these uncertain scenarios can offer alternative betting angles that might be less affected by starting pitcher changes.

The Risks of Betting Without Listing Pitchers

The primary danger is the unpredictability of last-minute pitching changes. Imagine you place a wager expecting a seasoned pitcher to take the mound, only to find out later that a less skilled pitcher is starting instead. This unexpected switch can drastically shift the odds and the likely outcome of the game.

Injuries, weather conditions, or strategic decisions can lead to these last-minute changes, leaving your bet at the mercy of variables you hadn’t accounted for.

Moreover, it’s important to consider that betting lines heavily factor in the starting pitchers. When you don’t list them, you expose yourself to greater volatility, potentially turning a well-researched bet into a gamble based on luck.