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1CEFN DRUIDS AFC0000000000000000000UEFA Champions League QLF
2NEWTOWN AFC0000000000000000000UEFA Europa League
3BALA TOWN0000000000000000000UEFA Europa League Play off
4ABERYSTWYTH TOWN0000000000000000000UEFA Europa League Play off
5BANGOR CITY0000000000000000000UEFA Europa League Play off
6THE NEW SAINTS0000000000000000000UEFA Europa League Play off
7CARMARTHEN TOWN0000000000000000000UEFA Europa League Play off
8GAP CONNAH S QUAY FC0000000000000000000
9PRESTATYN TOWN0000000000000000000
11BARRY TOWN0000000000000000000Relegation
12CARDIFF MET0000000000000000000Relegation
Teams meet each other four times at the season.
FA CUP winner qualifies for the UEFA Europa League.
In the event of a points tie the following will apply:
1. Goal difference.
2. Most scored goals.
3. Most scored goals on away games.
After 22 games the teams are separated into two groups of six teams(top six and bottom six) and will play 10 more games and the points will be added on the first 22 games.

*Note that table splits in half for last ten games of season - no team from top six can drop into bottom six, and no bottom six team can climb into top six, irrespective of points earned.

Teams finishing in 3rd to 6th position will take part in a play-off to determine who gains the third UEFA Europa League spot the next season.
Should the FA Cup finalists be amongst those teams, the 7th placed would be invited into the play-offs.
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