Country Table League Season Group by View  


1ADELAIDE UNITED0000000000000000000Play off
2NEWCASTLE JETS FC0000000000000000000Play off
3SYDNEY FC0000000000000000000Play off
4C. COAST MARINERS FC0000000000000000000Play off
5WELLINGTON PHOENIX0000000000000000000Play off
6MELBOURNE VICTORY0000000000000000000Play off
7PERTH GLORY FC0000000000000000000
8MELBOURNE CITY0000000000000000000
9WESTERN SYDNEY0000000000000000000
10BRISBANE ROAR FC0000000000000000000
Teams meet each other three times at the season.
In the event of a points tie the following will apply:
1. Goal difference.
2. Most scored goals.

WELLINGTON PHOENIX cannot qualify for the 2017 AFC Champions League.
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